Working on Queries

I've finally gotten "First Vintage" polished up just how I want it and have started sending query letters. Sliding the first one through the mail slot about a week and a half ago was so exciting. It was my very first query letter and felt like a big step towards my goals. Even better: the recipient of my first letter emailed me to ask for the story. I was expecting to send out dozens of letters before seeing any kind of response, so even that short message was encouraging. I've since begun to send out more and haven't heard back from that first recipient since sending the story, but I'm optimistic and excited to see how this process goes. 

In the mean time, I'm going to work on developing this site, keep plugging along at some of my longer pieces, and hopefully get a couple of flash fiction pieces up for you guys. I'm also working on some character profiles as a little side project to mix in to the standard fare.

Hope you all had a lovely Father's Day and are enjoying the summer sun! I'm enjoying a little too much of it and got burned... my poor ears are trying out for roles as shapeshifters in Supernatural...

Carson Costa