Hello and welcome to carsoncosta.com, where I'm stubbornly trying to make a living as a writer and having a grand old time along the way. 

I graduated in December from the University of Nevada, Reno, with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and minor in English. The ultimate goal is to use psychology to craft powerful characters that are relatable and have realistic depth. I've always fallen in love with books that make me believe in my own strength and dreams; if I can make one reader feel that when they read my work, I've met my big goal. It's also my hope that my stories will drive readers to see something new in their world.  Art is meant to be beautiful, inspiring, and joyful, but it's also meant to be thought-provoking and uncomfortable, at times. You know you've got something great when you can do both.

I've always had a healthy fascination for the world and all its intricacies, and travel has always been a central pillar of my life. I get antsy when I'm stuck in one place for too long and I love languages and exploring new cultures and countries. I've been lucky enough to do a couple of foreign exchange programs, including Rotary Youth Exchange, a year-long immersive program. Now I’m preparing to set off on my next adventure: living and working in a cargo van-turned-tiny home while I travel the United States and, hopefully, beyond.

I've always been a dabbler. Writing and travel have stuck with me, along with a general love of all things "art," but I've racked up experience in everything from Tae Kwon Do to gymnastics, mythology to statistics. I love to learn in a sporadic, in-the-moment way, which isn't ideal in an academic setting, but gives me a broad view of things.

Welcome to my world. A world in which reality can be as mysterious as it can be challenging and unrelenting. I invite you to explore with me and come back with your own inspirations, findings, and questions. Find something here you can connect to and follow me as I endeavor to unveil this world through fiction. I think it's going to be one hell of a ride.

All my best,