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Hi, I'm Carson.

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Character Breakroom

I recently realized just how badly I suck at blogging. But that's ok. Great, even. Because instead of forcing myself to plow through some random topic or another, I've decided to let my characters have full rein of the internet from time to time. You can hit up the Character Breakroom to see what happens when my fantasy characters discover a toaster, or when my two most volatile characters meet.

Short Stories and Articles

These are under the Portfolio tab. Find everything from an article on California vineyards to a speculative romance. The most recent addition is from my new Holiday Favorites series, which are short stories inspired by holiday songs. For 2017, there's a twist to "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus." 


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The Suicide Club (Working Title)

In this young adult novel, a trio of high school seniors are startled to realize they are all dealing with the same problem: depression. They make a pact to help each other survive it, and along the way find themselves up against an unforgiving world and judgmental community. Lyra finds herself in the middle of a police investigation when one of her friends commits suicide, and as she continues to struggle against her own demons, she must also try to save her family's wildlife sanctuary, or lose her home, her family, and all that remains of her father.

Walking on Water (Working Title)

Cressida has been the medical marvel of her kingdom since a carriage accident when she was a little girl. In her kingdom, the water possesses great healing power, and any and all ailments were easy healed. Except for her paralysis. Eventually, the doctors concluded that there simply wasn't anything wrong with her. Still unable to walk, Cressida found herself isolated and judged, and became a sullen, invisible figurehead at her father's side. But when a brazen stableboy refuses to leave her alone, Cressida finds that healing is a choice, and it's her spirit and determination that will ultimately help her save her kingdom from a fate worse than death.

The Fourth Sunrise (Working Title)

When the darkest names in the criminal underworld talk of her, they simply call her the Devil. She's just a girl, but she's fallen far from humanity, and is relentless in her pursuit of... well, no one really knows. They don't dare stand in her way long enough to ask. But Daniel remembers her as a six-year-old. Nice enough, really, if a bit odd. And it's thanks to her that his dad's depressed. At least, Daniel figures it all comes back to her. And he's determined to make her fix it. But when he finally gets his hands on her long enough to make his demands, the Devil has forgotten her own name, never mind the information that could have helped his dad. As Daniel finds himself suddenly on her side, he discovers that the Devil really is just a girl. A girl who has been beaten and betrayed too many times to hold on to her humanity. A girl who has come to think so little of herself that only accomplishing her mission can restore any sense of self-worth. A girl who literally carries the fate of a world on her magically-strengthened shoulders. A girl in need of help. And Daniel finds himself a willing accomplice, sucked into a world of magic and war.

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Below are a series of pictures from my travels that I'm particularly proud of. Not bad for a girl with an iPhone and no experience with photography, huh?