Short Works

A collection of my completed articles and short stories.



This short story was written for a fiction writing class I took a couple years ago. For James, spending his life in a cell isn't a bad prospect. After all, it's better than being dead. At least that's what he keeps telling himself. But when he's suddenly stuck with a new cellmate, he starts to wonder if it might be worth risking death if it means he can give life to someone else.

Velvet Curtains

This short story is a bit abstract and undefined, it's one of my experiments with the psychology of a character and deals with the moment when the past truly becomes the past. In the story, the main character must confront the ghosts that still perpetuate her greatest fears in order to finally achieve her greatest desire.

velvet curtains.png

Secrets of the Desert Nymph.jpg

'Secrets of the desert nymph' keeping arts alive

This article is a sample from my days working as an intern at The Record Courier, the newspaper in my hometown of Minden, Nevada. Despite only being an intern, they had me conduct interviews and write articles, and this piece ran on the front page near the end of my internship.